Art.. a New Year's Resolution - January 6, 2016 Update

"...a good artist is not one who works when the muse hits; a good artist is an artist who works daily.” —Debra Fitzsimmons

Work in progress. January 2016. Artist: Mae Gilliland

Even if you aren't the type of person who makes New Year's resolutions, creativity can always use a fresh start. Since you probably aren't spending time in the garden in January, spend some time on your creativity!

Check out... "10 New Year’s Resolutions to Give Your Art a Fresh Start"

Also.. Consider visiting a new exhibit every month in 2016... and not just on First Friday. From the CAC to Project 1612, there is always something happening. (Talk about inspiration!)

So what can you do this week in the Peoria area? Tomorrow (Thursday, January 7) you can visit a gallery talk and painting demonstration by former Sheared Edge visiting artist and friend, Sarah Nesbit! Just click here for the details on Facebook. (Later this week we will be posting an interview with Sarah about her work and her life as an artist. We are excited!)

                   Artist: Sarah Nesbit

Love those colors.

Now... down to business: Today we will be open from Noon-5p at The Sheared Edge. It's the perfect mid-week stop! And if you're feeling the cold, we have some beautiful sea glass to remind you of warmer days...

                                           Sea glass necklace. Artist: Judy Quinn

...and, of course, we have lots of gloves and scarves. :)

Hope to see you!

Warm wishes,

The Sheared Edge