Molas Make It To Peoria!

When Vicki Leunig Phillips walked into The Sheared Edge carrying an armload of molas, I was excited!  I've had a fascination with these colorful textiles for years, so to hold one in my hands and study it was an incredible experience!


A Guna woman displays molas she created in front of her home in the San Blas Islands.

A Guna woman displays molas she created in front of her home in the San Blas Islands.


What Is A Mola?

The word "mola" refers to the traditional Guna women's blouse or clothing that has beautiful colored fabric panels sewn onto its front and back.  The fabric panels (mola) are usually about 13 inches x 16 inches and made from 2-7 layers of fabric that are cut and sewn, using reverse applique. Images range from geometric to local flora and fauna.

A mola is the textile symbol of the Guna Indian culture.  It's Panama's expression of folklore and highly collectible by enthusiasts around the world.  In 1961, the first molas were brought to the United States and introduced as art.


A Guna woman wearing a mola stands next to her clothes-line in Kuna Yala, Panama.

A Guna woman wearing a mola stands next to her clothes-line in Kuna Yala, Panama.

Below is a close-up image of a beautifully constructed mola.  Each brightly colored fabric is a layer that is cut and stitched into place.  The nearly invisible stitches take a very skilled hand to accomplish. A well-made mola can take over 6 months to complete.

Mola close-up

Mola close-up

Origination Of The Mola


In 1514, according to Pascual de Andagoya, a Spanish conquistador, and Governor of Panama, the Guna women went topless and painted their bodies with geometric designs using dyes extracted from fruits and vegetables. When missionaries arrived in the 17th century, they convinced the women to cover their bodies.  The body painting made its way onto fabric which the women then cleverly sewed onto their clothing.

Indian woman with semi-permanent body painting.  She's holding a kinkajou, also known as a "honey bear."

Indian woman with semi-permanent body painting.  She's holding a kinkajou, also known as a "honey bear."


Who Are The Guna Indians?

The Guna Indians are the indigenous people of Columbia and Panama. They were known as the Kuna (Cuna) before an orthographic reform in 2010.  Most have settled on the San Blas Islands surrounding Panama and are "the last tribe of the Caribbean."  The society is matriarchal with women being the breadwinners, earning their income by selling hand-made molas.  The men contribute by working on the mainland, farming, fishing or the coconut trade.



The Guna women wear lots of jewelry, especially tiny beads wrapped from wrist to elbow and ankle to knee, resembling leggings. Most wear a gold nose ring (olazu) and rouge their cheeks in dark red circles. Mola embellished blouses are paired with a wrap-around skirt.  A red headscarf completes the look.


Guna Indian women are wearing traditional dress and the mola.  They have been resistant to Hispanic assimilation.

Guna Indian women are wearing traditional dress and the mola.  They have been resistant to Hispanic assimilation.

The origin of the Guna people is questionable.  They may be descendants of the Caribbean Indians.  However, some anthropologists believe that they originated in Southeast Asia 6,000 years ago.  The similarity of the needlework between the Guna and that of the Hmong people of Laos, Cambodia, and Vietnam is impressive.

Antique reverse applique panel created by the Hmong People of Southeast Asia.  This was sewn onto traditional clothing.

Vicki Leunig Phillips states that visiting foreign exchange students from South America during the 1960's gave her mother a gift of four molas (pictured below).



Here's a close-up of the Twin Birds mola that you will see when you visit The Sheared Edge.  This particular piece appears to have four layers of fabric.


Another is the Double Cross or Church Mola.  It's unusual that patterned fabric is layered into this creation.


Molas are collected as folk art and displayed in the world's most prestigious museums, like the Smithsonian in Washington, DC.  Here is a collection of molas assembled into a wall hanging shown in the home of friends Margie and Gordon Foer living in Rhode Island.



We look forward to seeing you Friday, January 5 (5-9 PM) at The Sheared Edge, the Studios on Sheridan.  Meet collector Vicki Leunig Phillips and be transported to another time and place when you view her colorful and exotic collection.

Vicki Leunig Phillips

Vicki Leunig Phillips

LAGNIAPPE Peoria Style


New Orleans comes to The Sheared Edge for the holidays!  You can experience all the excitement of New Orleans through the fabulous holiday decorations by Gregg Florist starting Friday, November 24 from 11 AM to 4 PM.

The Sheared Edge decked out for the holidays

The Sheared Edge decked out for the holidays



When Dan Callahan, owner of Gregg Florist agreed to decorate The Sheared Edge for the holidays, I was ecstatic! I knew we would get something better than expected.....lagniappe.  That's Cajun French for a little something extra, like the 13th doughnut added to your dozen at no charge.  Boy did we get something extra special!

Dan Callahan

Dan Callahan

It was 20 years ago when I was living in Virginia that I first heard about the magic worked by Gregg Florist.  Family and friends bragged about a local man who made flower arrangements which were a cross between Architectural Digest and extreme artistic boho!  I was intrigued.  So, to finally meet Dan and work with his talented team was a dream come true!

Let's take a look at some of the fabulous colors and textures by Gregg Florist waiting to greet you when you enter The Sheared Edge zone!

This festive sign at The Studios on Sheridan will direct your path to The Sheared Edge!

This festive sign at The Studios on Sheridan will direct your path to The Sheared Edge!

Jewel-toned glass balls, shiny gilded garland, exotic 'feathers', ribbons, and free-form chandeliers (you won't know where to look next) will be waiting for you.  ALL for sale!

Feast for the eyes!

Feast for the eyes!

Dan's team (Galen Holland and Mary Markovich) showed up with with a breathtaking assortment of colorful delights!   I knew the second they walked in that something unique/special would happen!  Galen recently moved to Peoria from Chicago and is an outstanding designer!  He hung from the rafters to create an enchanting effect!

Galen hanging chandeliers

Galen hanging chandeliers



You may remember Mary as the owner of the one-of-a-kind bakery called Gem Stone Confections in Peoria.  She packaged delicious cakes in beautiful satin boxes, topped with antique jeweled brooches!  Her creations were spectacular! Neiman Marcus liked them enough to sell.

Mary Markovich

Mary Markovich


While you're visiting The Sheared Edge, you might want to have your photo taken in front of our window.  It's the perfect holiday backdrop.  Just be sure to give credit to Gregg Florist for the surrounding beauty!

Lorna wearing her new coat purchased at The Sheared Edge

Lorna wearing her new coat purchased at The Sheared Edge


If you want to celebrate the holiday in style, visit Gregg Florist at 1015 E. War Memorial Drive, Peoria Heights, IL 61616 for any decorating needs.  Or call 309-688-0725, toll-free 800-376-9106.



Yes!  The first time I met Lori Reynolds I thought, "I've met my long lost SOUL SISTER!" There was an instant connection!

Lori Reynolds

Lori Reynolds

The first thing we shared was a love of Italian greyhounds!  Only certain people 'get' this breed and I love anyone who owns one!

Lori's "Juliet" and my "Francie" and "Sophie"

Lori's "Juliet" and my "Francie" and "Sophie"

Even Frederick The Great owned Italian greyhounds......preferring their company over that of humans!  He coined the phrase "Three Dog Night" having to do with (of course) Italian greyhounds!  I've always said the Italian greyhound is the best kept secret.  The perfect pet!


Fredrick The Great and beloved Italian greyhound...he owned 50 Italian greyhounds at a time!

Fredrick The Great and beloved Italian greyhound...he owned 50 Italian greyhounds at a time!

Lori and I wanted to be Roller Derby Queens, practicing night and day!  

Roller Derby

Roller Derby

Lori decided against this though and went on to get a degree in Fashion Merchandising.  She is presently a "late-blooming" art student at Bradley University.

BUT......where Lori and I really connect is over Fiber Art.  You've probably seen her at local shows or the Farmer's Market on the Illinois River where she goes by the name The Creative Bohemian. 

Woven Rugs

Woven Rugs

Lori specializes in weaving recycled materials into rugs, table runners and placemats using a very large antique wooden loom


The rich and saturated colors in the photo above are from the remnants of silk sari fabric.  The scraps are cast-offs from sari factories in India and Nepal.  The purchase of this gorgeous silk employs 300 women, enabling them to become self-reliant and work at home.  It also keeps the fabric waste out of landfills.


Sari Silk in the process of being woven on Lori's antique loom.  WOW, look at that color!

Sari Silk in the process of being woven on Lori's antique loom.  WOW, look at that color!

When you buy one of Lori's woven silk pieces, she reinvests the money earned into the purchase of more silk scraps to keep the cycle going.

She also likes to use recycled T-shirts and denim.

Recycled T-shirts

Recycled T-shirts

She's also a wonderful photographer!


Recycled denim

If you like specific colors, Lori is happy to do custom orders.  She also creates memorial items from deceased loved ones t-shirts.

Stop by The Sheared Edge this First Friday (November 3) between 5-9 PM to meet this fun, funky and fabulous artist!

POP Culture Art Comes to The Sheared Edge

I must say the more I get to know artists in the Peoria area, the more impressed I am!  Pop Culture artist Jeremy Berkely will be our featured guest at The Sheared Edge October First Friday!


Jeremy Berkely

Jeremy Berkely

Jeremy has been a fixture at Gallery 1988 in Los Angeles, California since 2008 where he shows his screen prints.  Gallery 1988 is THE premier Pop Culture art gallery in the world.  This is the place that started the Pop Culture trend and is one of the country's most talked about venues boasting 2500+ visitors an opening.

Let's take a look at some of what you will see at The Sheared Edge this Friday, October 6 from 5-9 PM.



"Louise" is a 9 color screen print portrait of Kristen Schaal (the voice of Louise Belcher) for the Official Bob's Burgers tribute show at Gallery 1988 in May 2016.  All pieces are signed and numbered.


"The Finale"

"The Finale"


"The Finale" is a 5 color silk screen print created for the Seinfeld tribute show at Gallery 1988 in October, 2016.



"Don Quixote"

"Don Quixote"

One of my favorites "Don Quixote" screen print created for Gallery 1988 and Skylight Books literature inspired show "Required Reading".


"Green Thumb"

"Green Thumb"

This lovely hand printed 6 color screen print was inspired by the children's book "The Gardener" by Sarah Stewart.

At The Sheared Edge

At The Sheared Edge

Jeremy was a 2000 graduate of Bradley University with a degree in Graphic Design. He is a self taught serigraph artist and works as a graphic designer, illustrator, print maker in a studio located in his home in East Peoria, Illinois.  Stop by The Sheared Edge at The Studios on Sheridan, Friday, October 6 from 5-9 PM to meet this wonderful artist and see his incredible work.  You may see more of his creations here

Rock Star Knitting

Mark Twain said, "The 2 most important days of your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why."


Tracy Purtscher, was born to revolutionize knitting!  Her new book Dimensional Tuck Knitting has already made the top 20 best seller list on Amazon and it hasn't even hit the news stands (release date September 5). You will have a chance to meet this new international knitting Rock Star at The Sheared Edge for our First Friday celebration, September 1 from 5-9 PM.


Dimensional Tuck Knitting cover.jpg

You might ask, "How has Tracy revolutionized knitting?"  Well, she has developed a technique for creating surface design WITHOUT the use of a 3rd needle.  The dreaded cable needle.

Cable Needle

Cable Needle

Let's take a look at the wonderful textures you can make without the 3rd needle:

Bobbled Chains

Bobbled Chains

Chain Link

Chain Link

Cable Panel

Cable Panel

This is just a sneak peak - you'll have to buy the book to see the rest and get the instructions. Also included in the book are patterns for making beautiful sweaters, gloves, cowls and hats!




Luxury Fingerless Mitts

Luxury Fingerless Mitts

Dreamweaver Cowl

Dreamweaver Cowl

Tapestry Poncho

Tapestry Poncho

Lucky Hat

Lucky Hat

Tracy has been making garments most of her life, always having an interest in fashion.  Here she is at the age of 6 sporting a very chic outfit (bold green dress on the far right)!  By the age of 7 she was mending most of the clothing for her large family and by high school she was creating her own wardrobe.

Tracy childhood pic.jpg

Since learning to knit (only 5 years ago) Tracy's designs have appeared in numerous publications such as Simply Knitting, Noro and Vogue Knitting.  You may remember her as a 2013 finalist on the Fiber Factor, a Project Runway-esque knit-wear design reality web series.  She also won a Vogue Knitting competition in 2015 for her Chanel-inspired knitted pullover with an all over mosaic design and unique zipper detail.

Tracy (center) Fiber Factor Finalist

Tracy (center) Fiber Factor Finalist

Vogue Knitting Design Competition Winner for "Burke", her Chanel-Inspired pullover

Vogue Knitting Design Competition Winner for "Burke", her Chanel-Inspired pullover

Tracy says, "My goal as a designer is to make people think, or at the very least, to consider the possibilities."  Stop by the Sheared Edge, Friday, September 1 (5-9 PM) for First Friday and meet this intriguing designer!

Tracy Purtscher

Tracy Purtscher

Want to learn more, visit Tracy's blog, Stringactivity which features her reflections on knitting and creativity.

"Emotional Landscape"


Get ready for an emotional adventure with Julie Dodge at The Sheared Edge First Friday opening, August 4, from 5-9 PM!


A native of central Illinois, Dodge was fortunate to be part of a family that traveled and camped across the country.  She started photographing her adventures at the age of 8 with her Kodak Instamatic 100 camera.


Her love of nature and landscape morphed into a beautiful and emotional journey showcasing images from across the country and close to home (Peoria, Illinois).  All photographs are mounted on wood and hand-painted to add texture and depth.


Julie graduated from Southern Illinois University, Carbondale with a bachelors degree in journalism & marketing.   She used her expertise for 31-1/2 years at Caterpillar as a graphic designer, writer, communicator and photographer.  She is past-president of the Peoria Camera Club and currently functions as their communicator.  Recently, IPhoneography captured her attention and she shares her knowledge teaching workshops.

Stop by The Sheared Edge, Friday, August 4 from 5-9 PM to meet this delightful artist and get inspired!

"FORAY" Invasion of the Textiles


We're excited to bring you "FORAY"  Invasion of the Textiles by Jan Brandt opening July 1 from 5-9 PM at The Sheared Edge!

Inspired by the rich history of quilt-making and fiber art, Jan Brandt hand-stitches disparate textiles such as donated clothing, pompoms and muslin into three dimensional hybrid assemblages. An organic process drives this intricate work evoking growth and accumulation. The assemblages may read as biological experiments growing in petri dishes, specimens under glass or fantastical landscapes of overgrown organisms while referencing feminine artistic techniques and traditions.


Each installation begins anew with decisions regarding placement and combination made on the spot!  Pieces may be purchased individually or in groups to suit your taste!


Jan is the owner/curator of The Jan Brandt Gallery in Bloomington, IL.  She holds a Bachelor of Science and a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from Illinois State University.  She has exhibited nationally winning numerous awards for printmaking and multi-media and has been included in many on-line publications.  Look for her work to appear in the September 2016 issue of American Art Collector Magazine!


Jan Foray 3.jpg

View Jan’s curatorial work at and learn more about her artwork at 

Fashion! ...and Market Madness

Fashion @ 101 Recap

Thank you to everyone who came to Fashion @ 101... if you missed it, you missed a fabulous night of music (Random Strangers!), massage (Marmora Massage is now open.. Call Vikki Hibberd @ 369 5007 to book your appointment today!), and a fashion show with fabulous models and designs from Dana Baldwin, Thomas Pries, and Mae Gilliland.

So, here... put on some music:

...and sit back. Enjoy these snippets!

Photo by Natalie Jackson O'Neal

Photo by Natalie Jackson O'Neal

Photo by Natalie Jackson O'Neal

Photo by Natalie Jackson O'Neal

Photo by Natalie Jackson O'Neal

Photo by Natalie Jackson O'Neal

Thank you again to Vikki Hibberd of Marmora Massage for opening up her amazing historic home to us during her grand opening. Congratulations to everyone involved.. and congratulations to those who attended and walked away with some AMAZING and unique textiles, earrings, necklaces, and more!

Riverfront Market - Hello! We're back!

...AAAAAND last but not least, thanks to those who stopped by the Riverfront Market! Store friend and Fashion @ 101 model Hannah Offutt stopped by to say hello... and we saw lots of other shop friends, too! Thanks to Hannah for sending us these pictures...

Coming up at next weekend's market? THE RETURN OF MARIMO! It's not QUITE a new Star Wars movie (although we think someone should jump on that idea), but you'll have a chance to take away a living pet that grows slowly (and we do mean SLOWLY), requires fresh water, and weekly massages. That's the life, eh? They would make a perfect Father's Day Gift. (Hint!)

That's all for now. We'll be in the shop this week during our normal hours!

Mae + The Sheared Edge Crew


A Night of Celebrations

Driving and... the arts?

The great thing about public art is that you can experience it on a walk, while riding your bike, or even from the comfort of your car. (Or, if you're like me, the semi-comfort of a car in need of a mechanic...)

Either way, last night area artists and arts advocates gathered together to celebrate ArtPop Peoria, a program now in its second year. Peoria was only the third city to implement ArtPop... and now you'll find it in cities across the nation! The idea? Put local art on unused billboard space.

Last year, the ArtPop Peoria selections began to rotate around the area on HUGE Adams Outdoor billboards.

2015 ArtPop Peoria: Connie Andrews, Bringing Him To Life (Photo Credit: ArtsPartners)

This year, we have five more outstanding artists... Craig Stocks, Orion Richey, Rick Melby, the People's Choice Award winner Linda Webb, and The Sheared Edge's very own Dana Baldwin!

The evening began with a chance for the artists to meet one another and the ArtPop organizers. Sheared Edge friend, the vinyl record DJ juanGoblin, kept our feet moving with soul, rock, and funk tunes. (If you attended our show Forest LUSH last summer, you'll definitely remember him!)

Later, everyone had a chance to hear from ArtsPartners Executive Driector Jenn Gordon, Councilman Ryan Spain, ArtPop Committee members Doug & Eileen Leunig, ArtPop Committee Member Mae Gilliland, and finally, the guest of honor...

WENDY HICKEY! Wendy is the founder and executive director of ArtPop. You can visit her page here and find out a little bit more about the program (which is a nonprofit and in need of donations!).

Or, if you're lazy like me (hey, at least I'm honest about it!) and sometimes need a bit of convincing, check out this amazing video:

All of the 2015 and 2016 artists received a miniature version of their billboards...

How cool is this?!?

And, of course, Dana received one, too..

Love that smile!

The Sheared Edge crew was there to help celebrate, of course... and we will let you know when her billboard is installed and where you can find it (along with all of the other artists).

We also had a chance to thank the 2016 jury, who had a difficult job this year.. so much great art! 

So, congratulations to the artists... I hope you all celebrated last night. I know that our organizing crew did...! We don't choose the artists, but we all put a great deal of time and effort into facilitating the program along with Adams Outdoor Peoria.

There you go...

Peoria, you've got great artists... and a lot of momentum right now. Keep it up!

You can catch the Sheared Edge tomorrow at TWO major events...

1. Peoria Riverfront Market: 8a-Noon. Look for Mae at the Sheared Edge booth.

2. Fashion @ 101: 101 NE Roanoke, 5-8p. Details here.

And finally, if you aren't following us on Instagram, DO! @shearededge -- tips, interviews, and more.

That's all for today. See you this weekend!

Mae + The Sheared Edge Crew

Fashion @ 101 - SNEAK PEEK!

All the pretty things... at 101 NE Roanoke

This Saturday The Sheared Edge is teaming up with the opening of Marmora Massage with a unique fashion show. It all begins at 5... drinks, food, music by Random Strangers, and a fashion show featuring Dana Baldwin, Tom Pries, and Mae Gilliland at 6. 101 NE Roanoke... (Details here!)

So, we thought we'd give you a sneak peek at the action...

Random Strangers

Random Strangers

Glass and jewelry designer Mae Gilliland pauses before the show's run-through...

Designers Dana Baldwin and Tom Pries chat with models in the historic home at 101 NE Roanoke

Designers Dana Baldwin and Tom Pries chat with models in the historic home at 101 NE Roanoke

Photographer and model Natalie Jackson O'Neal pauses on the runway—
dress design, Dana Baldwin

EXCITING! There you go!

We look forward to seeing you all on Saturday...

Mae + Dana and The Sheared Edge team



High in the Sky...

Good morning!

We're busy working away at our various studios as we prepare for Fashion @ 101 and the Peoria Riverfront Market... but that isn't all we're doing this week. (More on that in a bit.)

Relax, nothing is under control.

So, we're all entering into a hectic time of year. Summer is as hectic as it is relaxing. Case in point: How can four people print out invitations to a fashion event, check them for errors over and over again, and not even notice that they got the address wrong???

Not that this happened to us at The Sheared Edge.


OKAY, it totally happened to us at The Sheared Edge. As we blush, we ask you to remember that Fashion @ 101 is at 101 NE ROANOKE, not one street over at RANDOLPH.

The only thing left to do at this point is laugh about it. And we have. A lot.



So, relax. Nothing is under control!

Celebrating ArtPop Peoria!

In case you haven't heard yet, our very own amazing Dana Baldwin is one of the five winners of ArtPop Peoria 2016!!

We are ELATED.

This means she'll have her artwork displayed for an entire year on a gigantic 48'x18' Adams Outdoor billboard.

Dana Baldwin's 2016 Winning Entry


Dana was one of 4 artists who were handpicked by an excellent jury. Five other artists were part of a People's Choice contest (click here to see all of the images)... and the winner will be announced on Thursday.

So, here's the information on Thursday:

ArtsPartners of Central Illinois is hosting a big celebration for Dana and the other ArtPop artists. 

The featured speaker, Wendy Hickey, is the national organizer of ArtPop (check out the national page here and look at other participating cities)... and she loves public art. If you want to find out more about this program and celebrate public art and the ArtPop artists, then we encourage you to attend!

Seating is limited--click here to find out how you can get a paperless invitation! You MUST RSVP by following the instructions carefully.

So, congratulations to Dana... the Sheared Edge in the Skies over Central Illinois! How cool is that?

Until tomorrow...

Mae + Dana + The Sheared Edge Team





Your Weekend Menu

Saturday's features:
- Fresh vegetables
- Local cheeses
- The finest herbs

Dessert: The Sheared Edge

Hey, what better time to think about the weekend than on a Monday?

In a world of endless inspirational quotes, I suppose you could say something like...

Monday is the perfect day to correct last week’s mistakes. Good morning!

See? It's not so bad after all.

But let's get back to this upcoming weekend (it's okay to read this while visualizing a glass of wine in your hand—we won't tell the boss): Saturday, May 21, is a big day for us at The Sheared Edge. Our event, Fashion @ 101, begins at 5 p.m.... but before that we will be at the Peoria Riverfront Market from 8a-Noon! (You can find updates on the other vendors at the Visit Downtown Peoria Facebook Page.)

We're unofficially calling it Sheared Edge Day.

What we offer at our booth changes on a weekly basis...

This week, we'll have:

  • Summer neck scarves
  • Preserved butterfly jewelry
  • Fashion glass jewelry
  • Scottish sea glass
  • Wristlets
  • Rings
  • Earrings

Throughout the week, we'll be posting previews of our Market and Fashion @ 101 merchandise on Instagram (@shearededge).

Now, back to the Market:

If you've never been to the Riverfront Market, it's pretty fantastic. Live music, mimosas, and free demonstrations... all situated along the Illinois River across from the Peoria Riverfront Museum. So, you can do your shopping, enjoy a drink, head into the Museum or the Contemporary Art Center, enjoy lunch at the Blue Duck, and then write a Thank You note to us for the perfect morning. (You're welcome.)

We hope you'll spend next Saturday for Sheared Edge Day!

Now, back to work—all of us!

With love,

Mae + Dana + The Sheared Edge Crew


A Grand Time

The West Bluff Grand Tour of Homes...

A perfect Sunday:

  • Wake up (we realize this is debatable, but stick with us here)
  • Brunch at one of our favorite local restaurants (and a mimosa... or two, or three—One World Cafe even has some drink specials!)
  • Historic neighborhoods
  • Original artwork

Well, lucky for all of us, that day is today. Check it out...!

Grand Tour Schedule

It's the Grand Tour of West Bluff homes... and we're incredibly excited that one of our friends will be featured at 101 NE Roanoke! Does that address sound familiar? Remember, we'll be there NEXT week for Fashion @ 101! The two evenings will be different, though, so don't miss this opportunity to ask Vikki about all of her restoration work.

And we'll be open @ The Sheared Edge (Studios on Sheridan, Sunbeam Building) with other studio artists from 12-5! Stop by and say hello to our friend Tom Pries, who will be running the shop for us. He has incredibly beautiful earrings, which were featured in shop partner Mae's recent wedding...

Check out those earrings!

We hope to see you both at the Grand Tour and at Studios today. Enjoy the sunlight...!

Until tomorrow,

Mae + Dana with the Sheared Edge Team


Fashion @ 101 & Instagram

We're back!

And we have so much in store for the summer of 2016... from markets to festivals to new online content (tutorials, interviews, and more), we are ready to embrace the sunlight! We have put months of planning into all of the things that you'll begin to see during the next few weeks. Needless to say, we're excited. (And you should be, too.)

Today, we want to tell you about two VERY exciting new developments:

Fashion @ 101

What's better than a fashion show? A big party and a fashion show. And drinks. Food. Massages. Seriously, we've gone all out on this one!

We are all about the unique and the unusual, so we are teaming up with Marmora Massage for our summer fashion event: Fashion @ 101. And what we love about it is the location: It's happening at one of Peoria's most beautiful historic homes on 101 NE Roanoke!

The event will feature designs by Dana Baldwin, Thomas Pries and Mae Gilliland Wright. But, of course, it doesn't end there... we'll have music by Random Strangers (click here to check out their Facebook page), door prizes, hors d'oeuvres, drinks, and mini massages. The event takes place from 5-8 p.m.... so don't miss out. We'll post more information as we get closer to the date. 

(Seriously, drinks, food, and mini massages - please pass the word! Facebook event can be found here: Fashion @ 101.)


The Sheared Edge is on Instagram!

The other exciting news is that we are now on Instagram! Find us by searching for @shearededge.


Soon you'll be able to watch tutorials (fiber, glass, beads, fashion, small business tips, and more), interviews, and even purchase exclusive Sheared Edge merchandise from our Instagram account!

See, we told you we had big news. :)

Coming up this weekend on our blog:

  • Grand Tour of Homes
  • Sunday Hours

Coming up next week on our blog:

  • Riverfront Market News
  • ArtPop Peoria
  • Exclusive sneak peak of Fashion @ 101
  • A glimpse forward: Yarn talk and glass tutorials

See you soon!

With love,

Mae & Dana + The Sheared Edge Team




A Mayoral Proclamation

Thank you!

Mayor Ardis reads the proclamation.

A heartfelt thanks to those who attended the Peoria City Council meeting yesterday evening as Peoria's Mayor Ardis recognized the phenomenal work of Dana Baldwin and The Sheared Edge.

Councilwoman Beth Jensen recognizes Dana Baldwin.

And—of course—a very special thanks to City Councilwoman Beth Jensen for initiating the proclamation!

Dana speaks about her accomplishments and her upcoming trip to NYC.

What is up next for Dana...? The Olympics of Knitting...

Vogue Knitting LIVE! in NYC!

If you missed it, check out the latest Yarn Talk where Dana, Tom, and a special guest discuss Dana's upcoming trip to New York City:

Follow The Sheared Edge page and our blog for updates throughout the weekend. Thank you for all of your support, Peoria!

- The Sheared Edge

Art.. a New Year's Resolution - January 6, 2016 Update

"...a good artist is not one who works when the muse hits; a good artist is an artist who works daily.” —Debra Fitzsimmons

Work in progress. January 2016. Artist: Mae Gilliland

Even if you aren't the type of person who makes New Year's resolutions, creativity can always use a fresh start. Since you probably aren't spending time in the garden in January, spend some time on your creativity!

Check out... "10 New Year’s Resolutions to Give Your Art a Fresh Start"

Also.. Consider visiting a new exhibit every month in 2016... and not just on First Friday. From the CAC to Project 1612, there is always something happening. (Talk about inspiration!)

So what can you do this week in the Peoria area? Tomorrow (Thursday, January 7) you can visit a gallery talk and painting demonstration by former Sheared Edge visiting artist and friend, Sarah Nesbit! Just click here for the details on Facebook. (Later this week we will be posting an interview with Sarah about her work and her life as an artist. We are excited!)

                   Artist: Sarah Nesbit

Love those colors.

Now... down to business: Today we will be open from Noon-5p at The Sheared Edge. It's the perfect mid-week stop! And if you're feeling the cold, we have some beautiful sea glass to remind you of warmer days...

                                           Sea glass necklace. Artist: Judy Quinn

...and, of course, we have lots of gloves and scarves. :)

Hope to see you!

Warm wishes,

The Sheared Edge

January 5, 2016 Update

Good morning!

Have you heard of Hygge? (Say: hoo-gah, or hyu-gah.) One of the things that we LOVE about The Sheared Edge is how you are transported away to an exotic place the moment you walk inside—you are surrounded by warmth, wool, nature... and we usually have some fun tunes playing, too.

And this is where hygge comes in:

"Simply, hygge is about living in the moment. It’s about spending quality, peaceful time in a calm environment with no agenda. It’s about humor, warmth and making connections."

Hygge is lighting candles in your house and enjoying a beverage of choice. Hygge is sitting with friends and laughing.

It gets you through the darkness.

And even if the sun is shining right now, a quick glance at Peoria's forecast shows that we have some rainy... even snowy days ahead.

What makes you laugh and helps you get through those dreary days? We'd love to know! We encourage you to practice hygge with us - stop by, say hello, and warm yourself up in our little slice of paradise. :)

   Color therapy! (Artist: Dana Baldwin)

   Color therapy! (Artist: Dana Baldwin)


— The Sheared Edge

January 4, 2016 Update

Happy New Year from the Sheared Edge!

And welcome to our new format. We will be posting blog updates regularly on the website and (if you would like) sending out weekly highlights via e-mail. You can sign up for updates by filling in your e-mail address just to the right of this blog post.

Monday News...

Dana is busily preparing for her EXCITING trip to NYC! She will be displaying her dress, Mademoiselle Fashion Ignite, at Vogue Knitting LIVE.
Read all about it here:

                                       Mademoiselle Fashion Ignite
                                       by Dana Baldwin

And... in honor of Dana's work, the Peoria City Council is issuing a proclamation in her honor on Tuesday, January 12—CONGRATULATIONS!

OTHER big news: Mae will be releasing an incredible new line of necklaces this week — and you will not find anything like them elsewhere. We'll post an announcement about that soon!


We are excited to expand our online presence. From Facebook to Videos, we want to excite your imagination. Thank you to everyone for your support!

January Sheared Edge Gallery Display: The breathtaking work of Amanda Dutton.
News coming soon: New collaborations, designs, and contests.