A Grand Time

The West Bluff Grand Tour of Homes...

A perfect Sunday:

  • Wake up (we realize this is debatable, but stick with us here)
  • Brunch at one of our favorite local restaurants (and a mimosa... or two, or three—One World Cafe even has some drink specials!)
  • Historic neighborhoods
  • Original artwork

Well, lucky for all of us, that day is today. Check it out...!

Grand Tour Schedule

It's the Grand Tour of West Bluff homes... and we're incredibly excited that one of our friends will be featured at 101 NE Roanoke! Does that address sound familiar? Remember, we'll be there NEXT week for Fashion @ 101! The two evenings will be different, though, so don't miss this opportunity to ask Vikki about all of her restoration work.

And we'll be open @ The Sheared Edge (Studios on Sheridan, Sunbeam Building) with other studio artists from 12-5! Stop by and say hello to our friend Tom Pries, who will be running the shop for us. He has incredibly beautiful earrings, which were featured in shop partner Mae's recent wedding...

Check out those earrings!

We hope to see you both at the Grand Tour and at Studios today. Enjoy the sunlight...!

Until tomorrow,

Mae + Dana with the Sheared Edge Team