"FORAY" Invasion of the Textiles


We're excited to bring you "FORAY"  Invasion of the Textiles by Jan Brandt opening July 1 from 5-9 PM at The Sheared Edge!

Inspired by the rich history of quilt-making and fiber art, Jan Brandt hand-stitches disparate textiles such as donated clothing, pompoms and muslin into three dimensional hybrid assemblages. An organic process drives this intricate work evoking growth and accumulation. The assemblages may read as biological experiments growing in petri dishes, specimens under glass or fantastical landscapes of overgrown organisms while referencing feminine artistic techniques and traditions.


Each installation begins anew with decisions regarding placement and combination made on the spot!  Pieces may be purchased individually or in groups to suit your taste!


Jan is the owner/curator of The Jan Brandt Gallery in Bloomington, IL.  She holds a Bachelor of Science and a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from Illinois State University.  She has exhibited nationally winning numerous awards for printmaking and multi-media and has been included in many on-line publications.  Look for her work to appear in the September 2016 issue of American Art Collector Magazine!


Jan Foray 3.jpg

View Jan’s curatorial work at www.janbrandtgallery.com and learn more about her artwork at www.janbrandtartist.com.