January 5, 2016 Update

Good morning!

Have you heard of Hygge? (Say: hoo-gah, or hyu-gah.) One of the things that we LOVE about The Sheared Edge is how you are transported away to an exotic place the moment you walk inside—you are surrounded by warmth, wool, nature... and we usually have some fun tunes playing, too.

And this is where hygge comes in:


"Simply, hygge is about living in the moment. It’s about spending quality, peaceful time in a calm environment with no agenda. It’s about humor, warmth and making connections."

Hygge is lighting candles in your house and enjoying a beverage of choice. Hygge is sitting with friends and laughing.

It gets you through the darkness.

And even if the sun is shining right now, a quick glance at Peoria's forecast shows that we have some rainy... even snowy days ahead.

What makes you laugh and helps you get through those dreary days? We'd love to know! We encourage you to practice hygge with us - stop by, say hello, and warm yourself up in our little slice of paradise. :)

   Color therapy! (Artist: Dana Baldwin)

   Color therapy! (Artist: Dana Baldwin)


— The Sheared Edge